Monday Motivation // Be You

January 02, 2017


Recently, I have been catching up with Gretchen Ruben's 'Happier'. It is a fantastic podcast about habits and human nature and I find it absolutely fascinating! Back in episode 26, they discussed the idea of the 'One-Word Theme'. A word that you always go back to throughout the years. Words like 'strong', 'home' or 'career'. Something that is your focus, and always in the back of your mind. My motivational word (make that small phrase) for this year is 'Be You'.

At 28 years old I am finally coming to terms with who I am, and what I like ... I love doing puzzles, I love chilling on the sofa with my favourite people, and I love cosy jumpers and I am not changing that. So this year I resolve to just 'Be Me', to do exactly what I love when I want to do it, and I urge you all to do the same! You hate wine, don't drink it! You love knitting, do it! And you love lye in's on a Sunday, do it! Screw everyone else and just 'Be You'!

What is it that you love to do?

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