October 01, 2014

Inspired // Concrete

One of my dreams, when I have my own house (I.e. Not on the second floor) is to have concrete floors! They are so beautiful, simple and pleasing to look at, just check these out!

How crisp and clean and yummy are they?! 

I will leave you to ponder over these beautiful spaces!

Images from www.Houzz.com, www.design-milk.com and www.quakerrose.com

July 13, 2014

Profile // Hibou Home

Good Evening!

For this lovely Sunday evening, I wanted to show you all a Children's Wallpaper and Fabric design company I have recently come across 'Hibou Home'.

Animal Parade Wallpaper in Mint Green and White. £70.00 per 10m roll.

Launched in 2011, Hibou Home has seven wallpaper and three fabric designs. They are all absolutely gorgeous I think you would agree!

Enchanted Wood Wallpaper in Aubergine on Soft Lilac. £70.00 per 10m roll.

Pirate Seas Wallpaper in Gull Grey/Black. £70.00 per 10m roll.

And check out these super cute fabrics as well!!

Cactus Cowboy Fabric. £48.00 per metre.

Enchanted Wood Fabric in Aubergine on Soft Lilac. £48.00 per 10m roll.

To make things even better ... they are all designed and made in the UK as well! And the fabrics are all woven and printed in Lancashire.

I don't currently have children, but I want to wallpaper my bedroom in the Enchanted Wood wallpaper!! I hope you love these as much as I do.

June 16, 2014

Recently // World Cup fever

Hi there!

I hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday!!

So as you all know, last week sparked the beginning of the World Cup season. I don't know about you, but I find this extremely exciting. I think I was born a 'host' so for me, any type of sporting event means an excuse to get all of our friends together, great food, great company and a little too much to drink! (Last month was the Boxing & Pulled Pork ... mmm ...)

For the England v Italy game, we were joined by an Italian friend. I know, shock horror (we only let him in because he brought the food!!). We feasted upon rye bread, gorgeous blue cheeses and Italian meats, all washed down with beer, we were watching the football after all. The only thing that dampened the evening was the fact we lost ...

Here are a few images of my lovely favourites (with a few sad faces).

Please excuse the flat in the background, it is still very much a work in progress. A new desk is next on the shopping list and that is hard!!

How are you all enjoying the World Cup so far?

April 29, 2014

Profile // Rifle Paper Co.

Well I am sure that most of you are already familiar with the hugely successful and beautiful 'Rifle Paper Co.'. Their cards and stationary feature in stores around the UK such as Selfridges, Anthropolgie and Paperchase, and I am not suprised. I am swooning just over the images!

'You Make Everything Beautiful' Card. $4.50 each. $18 for a set of 8.

Founded only a few years ago in Florida by husband and wife, Anna and Nathan. Rifle Paper Co. has achieved so much, featured in hundreds of stores around the world, and their own store in Florida, I think you'll all agree that it is hardly suprising. Their beautiful cards and stationary feature hand illustrations and letterings drawn by Anna herself! (Super talented!).

Anyway, enough blathering, here is some stationary images to lust over ... 

'Hello Darling' Social Stationary Set. $18.

'Evelina' Journal. $15.

'Rosa' iPhone 5 Case. $34.

And as if that wasn't enough, then check out these images from their look book! Styled by Anna herself, Floral Designs from Anna Merrick and photography by Alpha Smoot.

Well I'm off to practice my illustration and calligraphy now!

All images from Rifle Paper Co's website.

February 13, 2014

Adventures in Home Ownership!

Hello there!

Sooo ... ... The New Year of Blogging has not got itself off to the best start has it?! But we have exciting news (title spoiler), we are buying our first house!! When I say house, I mean a small one bed in South West London, we exchange TODAY!

I am pretty lucky that the other half is the financial type, leaving me to focus on furniture. The new flat is a new build so we are not able to paint, wallpaper or change the flooring for a year, which I think is a blessing in disguise as I am struggling just choosing a sofa!

You would think that with a background in Interiors, and working on displays for a lifestyle brand it would be easy, I've dreamt about furnishing my own place for years! In reality it's so difficult! Having swooned over at least seven types of coffee tables, five types of dining chairs and three dining tables, picking a favourite is tough!

Well, first world problems eh?!

P.s. If you've seen any fab furniture for a small flat then let me know, I'm up for ideas!

Print from KelseyMDesigns on Etsy, at £15 I think it will be my first home purchase!

January 01, 2014

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you've all had a fantastic Christmas, and an amazing New Year! We were at a wonderful gathering in Central London with the most incredible view of the London Eye fireworks! (Photos will follow I am afraid!)

I don't know about all of you, but I overindulged waaayyy too much over the holidays. It may have had a little to do with the amazing food we were treated to last night. Steak Tartare, Lobster Thermidore, Hoisin Duck and Chocolate Orange Profiteroles to name a few, all homemade, all gorgeous. (Thanks Nick and Frankie!)

Now I feel I need to sit back (detox!) and relax! I think the apartment of 'The Minimalists' below would do me a world of good!!

There is something ever so pleasing about this apartment, and I wish I could go on holiday there! Styling that apartment would definatley be a lot harder than it looks. I'm kinda feeling the more is more look at the moment at home ... maybe not for much longer!

How are all of you enjoying the first day of 2014?

Happy New Year photo
The Minimalist Apartment photos