Happy Birthday

July 12, 2015

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So today is my birthday, well the end of my birthday, I hit the big 27. And to celebrate, I thought I would share my '28 things before I turn 28'. I know that it is mega cheesy but it is something I write every year and it pushes me to experience and achieve more. So here they are ...

1. Blog three times a week
2. Give blood
3. Learn to drive - Come on ... I'm 27 now!
4. Learn a new skill - Photography, another language, html etc
5. Bake my own bread
6. See my family more - Visit my home town and all the people in it more often
7. See my best friend more - She doesn't live too far away but we both leave such busy lives that finding a weekend together can be difficult
8. Discover more of London - I would love to take an Open Top Bus Tour
9. Explore more of the area where we live - We have lived here for nearly 5 years but I couldn't tell you the best restaurants here (Please don't tell anyone!)
10.Visit the 10 of the best coffee shops in London - Just because I have a lot of love for coffee!
11. Visit Columbia Road Flower Market
12. Nail a winged liquid liner
13. Get to my ideal weight
14. Do a 5k Park Run
15. Do the Colour Run - (Next year)
16. Play darts - We have such a love of Darts but I haven't played in about 10 years
17. Go on a Sun Holiday - We haven't been on one for at least three years
18. Watch the Sunrise
19. Watch the Sunset
20. See 5 comedians live - Cheating a little, have already booked Michael McIntyre and Jimeoin both in October
21. Read Lord of the Rings - One of my favourite films, I read the Hobbit and started LOTR years ago but would love to read them all through again
22. Read a Classic
23. Watch a Classic
24. Attend a life drawing class - A friend of mine goes around once a month and I would love to tag along at least once
25. Watch the Nutcracker
26. Have a TV, iPad and Netflix free week
27. Finish a short story and/or participate in NaNoWriMo - because why not!
28. Do something that scares me - Not sure on what this is yet, but I will keep it posted

I'm hoping that by publicising them it will encourage me to complete them all, as I haven't been too hot on that in recent years!

What are you hoping to achieve this year?

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