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July 02, 2015

So June is over! Is it me or is this year just flying past already?!

I thought I would share with you my favourite things from June!

Firstly ... Lipsticks. I resisted for so long. But coming into June, and the warmer weather, I just felt I had to do it. The Revlon HD Lipsticks. I have seen them everywhere, and keep on reading rave reviews, they also just stared at me everytime I walked into Boots! So I caved ... !

Seriously though, I may already own six other corally lipsticks (at least!) but I just think these colours are perfect for summer! With a tan and a gorgeous white summer dress! Perfect!! I picked up Hibiscus, which is a more nude coral, something a bit more natural, for an everyday lip. And Geranium which is a brighter coral and more of a statement lip colour. The lipsticks themselves have great pigmentation, the colours are so bright and they do last for hours (a reapply at lunchtime keeps it nicely topped up). Although I did find that if you don't wear a lip balm underneath, they can dry out and go a little clumpy. And the smell! Oh my goodness the smell is amazing! Revlon describe it as a Vanilla Mango scent and they're so right! (I have to stop myself from eating it!)

From lipsticks to nails, my polish favourite is definitely Sally Hansen's 'Get Juiced'. Are you starting to see a theme here? Maybe just the colour Coral is my favourite! This polish is a gorgeous pinky coral shade, and looks incredible on any nails! The staying power is fab too, I have quite a hands on job, but I can comfortably have this on for 3-4 days without a chip (NB: that's also with a Seche Vite topcoat) and that is pretty good going in my eyes, considering they're normally chipped on the second day! The polish only takes two coats until opaque, and dries very shiny. With the Revlon HD and these nails i feel so summery!

And onto my Sumner candle, I popped into Anthropologie a few weeks back for a look around and picked up the most gorgeous smelling candle. It is the Apricoat and Basil Soy Candle, with added notes of Seville Orange too. It comes in a lovely looking tin too, which has a lid to keep the scent in which is a lovely little bonus. Unfortunately I cannot find this online, but they had lots left in the Kings Road store.

I was also loving (and will carry on loving) this lovely dress from H&M. It was the print that caught my eye first, it is just so tropical and fun, I could imagine myself throwing this on with some sandals during the heatwave we've been promised here! For me, the fit is perfect. It's nips in at the waist and flairs out slightly on the hips, and hits just above the knee. The fabric is quite thin, but in a good way. Like, you know you won't be melting like the Wicked Witch in the heat. And for £7.99 you can't complain. They have a few other prints and colours as well, so be sure to have a look next time you're there, I think I'll pop in tomorrow and pick up a few more!

And my last favourite is a Podcast, Happier by Gretchen Rubin. I read her book 'The Happiness Project' a couple of years ago and loved it. So when my friend recommend the Podcast to me, I immediately downloaded it. It is such a great morning Podcast to listen to. She give little tips, try this at homes etc for you to make your life that little bit happier.my favourite that I've put into practice so far is 'The Update'. This is exactly as it sounds, where you update your loved ones with what you've been up to recently. And you're allowed to be boring! When you see someone everyday you have loads to catch up on. But when you see someone once every few weeks you don't. The small things don't seem to matter weeks later. My sister and I have been trying this and it definitely works. This Podcast is definitely worth a listen to. 

I hope you enjoyed my first favourites! What were your favourites for June?

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