Adventures in Home Ownership!

February 13, 2014

Hello there!

Sooo ... ... The New Year of Blogging has not got itself off to the best start has it?! But we have exciting news (title spoiler), we are buying our first house!! When I say house, I mean a small one bed in South West London, we exchange TODAY!

I am pretty lucky that the other half is the financial type, leaving me to focus on furniture. The new flat is a new build so we are not able to paint, wallpaper or change the flooring for a year, which I think is a blessing in disguise as I am struggling just choosing a sofa!

You would think that with a background in Interiors, and working on displays for a lifestyle brand it would be easy, I've dreamt about furnishing my own place for years! In reality it's so difficult! Having swooned over at least seven types of coffee tables, five types of dining chairs and three dining tables, picking a favourite is tough!

Well, first world problems eh?!

P.s. If you've seen any fab furniture for a small flat then let me know, I'm up for ideas!

Print from KelseyMDesigns on Etsy, at £15 I think it will be my first home purchase!

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