January 12, 2017


As I have mentioned many times in the last year; my favourite podcast is 'Happier' by Gretchen Rubin. I fell a little behind listening to this, so have spent the last few weeks catching up. Unfortunately for me, I am now completely caught up. I've been listening to a few others, and nothing has stuck. That was, until I came across 'The Minimalists Podcast'. I was immediately struck with inspiration from the first episode, and I am hooked. Within the first five minutes they were discussing a concept called 'Someday'. 'Someday' is an essay on 'The Minimalists' website which is absolutely fantastic! And if you're anything like me, then it will give you kick up the backside you need to get what you want or do what you want to do.

The idea behind this is that you write your 'Someday' on one side of a piece of paper. Anything that you have told yourself that you will do someday, whether (if you were given the opportunity) you would go ahead and use this or not. You label this 'Someday'. A sample of mine would look a little like this;

- Get fit (Run a half marathon)
- Take a photography course
- Learn about meteorology
- Start my own business

Then one the other side of the paper, you write a list of actions that you did in the last 24hours. You label this 'Today';

- Traveled to work
- Work Meetings
- Responding to emails
- Watched too many YouTube videos

And then simply compare the two. As they state ...

"Sure, many of the items on this second list are necessary, or even urgent. But just because something is urgent doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile; in fact, misguided urgency is often the enemy of progress."

Obviously watching YouTube videos is neither urgent or necessary and the time I spend doing this is completely wasted. Some of these tasks cannot be helped, you have to have meetings, and respond to emails. But can my travel to work be used better? Can I run to work to get some training time in? Can I watch YouTube videos on photography or meteorology instead of make up? Just a few examples. If I (or you) spend my 'today' actions better or stop doing the unnecessary ones, maybe then 'today' can become 'someday'

Which today actions can you turn into someday actions?

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