Top Five Autumn Candles

November 02, 2017

My second favourite thing about Autumn (after cosy snugly jumpers) is candles and nothing says Autumn more than a good candle! There’s something about them that makes me feel cosy and like I’ve got this adulting stuff down (I don’t, it’s the candle that’s tricking you!). Here are some of my favourites to start the season off right ... 

What could be better in Autumn then a pumpkin scented candle?! With notes of Buttery Pumpkin, Orange, Cinnamon, Clove and Brown Sugar, it makes your room smell like you’ve got your shit together and you’re baking a pumpkin bread on a rainy a Sunday because you happened to have all the ingredients. When really you’ve just about managed to light the candle whilst catching up the GBBO final!

More of a subtle Autumnal scent, this infamous Jo Malone scent has a main note of juicy apple, blended with Jasmine, Rose and Gillyflower. There is something so warming about the lighter suede scent, lightened with the floral scent of the peony, this is definitely one for a chilled weekday evening in, whilst you unwind with a bubble bath.

If you like something a bit more ‘masculine’ then this candle from Molten Brown is the one for you. With Coconut and Sandalwood, but also notes of cinnamon, cedarwood and vetiver. It is a heavier scent, one that when air smell it, it reminds me of my Grandads library, with its handcrafted wooden shelves, and the leather bound books. It is incredible warming and one to curl up and read a book to under a gorgeous tartan blanket.

This candle is something a bit different, and a bit unusual. It is a lot sharper, and lighter then the other scents, which is down to the Bergomot which gives it it’s sharp undertone. With other spicy, and woody notes make this one perfect for in the kitchen.

This fragrance couldn’t be named any better, and this is my personal absolute favourite! The smell of this candle makes me just so happy! The combination of the fruit, pear, quince and apricot, with the heavier notes of musk and Amber, it is exactly what to think Autumn would smell like. I have the diffuser in my hall, and the candle in the lounge, and it is such a gorgeous scent to walk in to!

What are your favourite Autumnal candles?

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