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March 22, 2018

Spring Styled Room from Etsy

So it was the first official day of Spring on Tuesday! Yes that's right, we are two days into Spring. And as usual, no one has told the weather. But even if the weather doesn't want to play ball, lets just pretend it's getting sunny outside, and on the plus side, at least it's lighter in the evenings!

So here are five super quick ways to bring Spring inside, and to pretend that it's sunny and warm. So throw open your windows, pretend there's a little family of birds just outside and follow a couple of points from below to welcome Spring.

Gorgeous lounge from Decorenvy
1. Plants
The quickest, easiest and simplest way to brighten up your lounge is to add in some greenery! Pop to your local garden centre for the afternoon, and take your Mum or your Nan. Spending some time with your loved one, getting some tea and cake and then shopping for some plants seems like the perfect afternoon to me. One larger plant to sit next to your sofa, and one or two smaller to chill on a table or two is the perfect addition to any room, not just your lounge.

Floral Coffee Table by Alex Dagmar
2. Flowers
In the same way that plants add in a gorgeous bit of greenery into your life, flowers do too! But they also bring some colour, and a gorgeous smell too. Grab a bunch of tulips (Ranunculus, Roses and Sunflowers are also all in season at the moment) from a local farmers market, pop them in a beautiful vase and you're done! (Side note: it also makes you look super grown up and like you've got your life together).

Prints from eBay (£2.59 each!)
3. Art Work
Artwork is an amazing way to update your lounge. Swap out a few prints around your home at the beginning of the season, or add a couple more to your walls can completely update your room and give it a totally different feel. Jump onto Etsy or even eBay, have a browse around and buy a couple of brighter, lighter coloured prints. Something with a leaf motif, with lots of pastel colours or maybe a water scene. If you don't have a frame then maybe a bit of washi tape on each corner of the print, or a couple of bulldog clips tacked into the wall. It will change it in no time!

Beautiful Minimal House from Cate St Hill
4. Soft Furnishings
It is the perfect time of year to update some of your cushions, to generally lighten things up. Swap out heavier wool, velvet or silk covers with some lighter fabric like linen or a printed or tumbled cotton. You could even go as far as to swap out your curtains! Personally I love a super light 100% linen all year round, as I love having the sunlight. If you have a heavier weight fabric, or blackout curtains then changing these over for a lightweight fabric really changes the whole feel of the room when you walk into it first thing.

Gorgeous Shelfie from Kate La Vie
5. Add Colour
A simple way to bring in Spring is with colour, traditionally more pastel colours, but yellows, pinks, greens and oranges are all super Spring like. This takes a little more time and effort, as you will go on a little colour treasure hunt. Buying bits and bobs for your lounge like vases, coaster, books or candles are a really easy way to add in the colour. Some of my favourite places for these kind of ornaments are H&M Home, Anthropologie and Oliver Bonas. Even some sueprmarket home department or eBay have some great pieces too.

How do you like to bring Spring inside your home?

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