What To Do On A Sunday For The Week Ahead?

July 02, 2017

I love my weekends off. Maybe it's because for a very long time, I worked weekends! From my first ever job, until I was 26 years old, I worked weekends. Having those two whole days together, followed by five days together, means I want to make the most of it, so I love (as boring as it may sound) to use Sunday to get organised for the week ahead., and it makes me feel that I have the evenings more to myself. So here are my 5 must do's on a Sunday;

1. Meal Planning & Food Shopping
I don't know about you, but one thing that takes up a lot of my time is deciding on what to have for dinner, whether that's on my way home or when I get home. So a huge thing for me is meal planning for the whole week; breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Write the list of meals and then head to the supermarket, buying up bananas, salads, snacks and dinner ingredients saves so much time (and money) in the week, and makes me feel more like a grown up too!

2. Outfit Planning & Ironing
Yes another planning item, but your mornings will run so much smoother if verything is already gathered and ironed for the week! With underwear and accessories all ready, it means that you can have that little longer in bed knowing that everything is ready.

3. Clear Out & Pack Bag
The state my handbag is in by the end of the week is pretty gross. Receipts, leftover breakfasts ... last week I had 3 bottles of water! No wonder my back is hurting lugging those around. So clearing it, starting again and packing whatever you need, in my opinion being inner calm.

4. Prepare Errands
List all errands, and gather everything you need. For example this week I have an ASOS return, a few birthdays and need to go to the bank. So writing cards, packing up the return and filling in the forms for the bank means that I can get all errands done easier and quicker.

5. Set Weekly Goals
And my final (and most important) thing, whilst sitting in my PJ's and catching up on Big Brother on the sofa, I will list everything I want to achieve for the week, from Blogging goals (which for this week is just stick with it!), excercise goals and other goals such as buying a dress for my friends wedding next week and booking somewhere for my birthday dinner

What are your must do's on a Sunday?

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