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July 03, 2017

'Monday Is The Best Day To Start Again' - Free Downloadable Print

This could not be more appropriate for me today than on any other Monday. I was out of the country for most of June, on holiday and then away with work so that was obviously a big excuse for over indulging in food, sleeping too late and the exercise regime ... what exercise regime? So today is all about wiping the slate clean and starting it all again. No matter what you have been doing over the weekend, the last week or even the last month, just pick yourself up and jump back onto that waggon!

I don't know what it is about a Monday that means you can start again, that's when your diet, job search or new habit starts. Just embrace the 'Monday Mentality' and start 'it', whatever it may be, again. I created the above artwork for you to download, download, print, stick on your wall and enjoy!

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