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February 21, 2016

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I must say ... I think Sunday is my favourite day of the week! When I wake in the morning, with the sun coming through the curtains there's just this feeling of contentment. Still another day to relax and organise before the week ahead. The difference between a Sunday and Saturday for me, is that I usually chill in my pjs on a Saturday, thinking I have the whole weekend ahead of me. On Sunday I kick myself in to gear and get my chill on!

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Coffee - Being a serious coffee addict lover, it is the first thing I do on a Sunday morning. Either making a cafetiere if the other half is awake (usually not), or I will make myself a Lyon's coffee bag. The other half's uncle introduced us to these coffee bags over Christmas, they are exactly as they sound and I am not sure why they were not made earlier! Take the coffee bag and use them in the same way as tea, leaving it for longer if you prefer a stronger tea or less time for a weaker one. I must say they are super tasty, and the perfect slightly more indulgent coffee for a weekend.

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Facial - I take the chance on a quiet Sunday morning to indulge in my weekly facial. I settle in my bathroom, watching a little catch up TV (at the moment: Bake Off!) and get to work. Lighting a candle, I'll start with a normal cleanser, cleaning away all the grime from the night before and follow on with an exfoliating cleanser. As I have oily skin I do not want to strip away too much oil, so do this once a week. I follow this up with a face mask giving my skin a deep cleanse, then on with a thick moisturiser, giving this time to sink in and then my eye cream. After this, I feel really refreshed and ready to start my day.

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Sunday Make-Up - Usually we will head out on a Sunday, for a quick shopping trip, a coffee, or my favourite ... a lazy walk along the river. So I never want to do a full face, especially after a facial, but I want to look alive. This consists of my Garnier BB Cream to even things out, MaxFactor Creme Puff Blush, My Holy Grail Mascara and Eyebrow Pencil, Maxfactor Masterpiece Max and Soap and Glory Archery Pencil and whatever lipstick I am feeling that day, probably something quite light and nude.

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Clothes - Sunday's call for my Sunday uniform. This consists of some comfy jeans, usually my trainers, and the cosiest jumper I can find.

There is just nothing better than indulging in a lovely coffee, fresh faced and in cosy clothes ready to just chill.

What is your Sunday routine?

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