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January 03, 2016

Seeing as Christmas has just passed us by (in a flash!) I thought I would combine this December favourites with a bit of a 'What I Got for Christmas' and make it a bit longer!

Before I start, I just want to say the usual, this is not boastful, these are just my favourite posts to read so think it's only polite to write my own.

I think I will start with makeup, it is something that I gave really got into this year. I received the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and I never thought it would live up to the hype, but it truly does. The colours and the pigmentation of the shadows are amazing. They blend together beautifully, and the result on the eyes is just amazing. They stay all day and I cannot recommend them enough, totally worth the money. Another beauty item I am loving is the Beauty Blender, I have used versions of this before and thought they were OK, but my sister gave me the original for Christmas and the ones I have used before are not a patch on it. It just smooths out the whole of your face and make the foundation look natural. 

In the skincare and fragrance category is the LookFantastic Beauty Box, my boyfreind bought the Limited Edition Christmas Collection for me (October, November and December) and the combination of products in them is amazing, the October box included an Elemis Day Cream, Reve de Miel Hand Cream and a Balance Me Face Mask, the November box included a Korres Shower Gel, a Bellapiere Red Lipstick and a Kebelo Face Mask, and the December box included a Codage Face Serum, Eyelure lashes and a full size Eve Lom cleanser. They are amazing to get a trial of some more high end brands, and testing out what works for you. I am tempted to set myself up for the monthly box any way! For perfume I am loving, my classic Nina Ricci L'eau, this is just 'my smell' and I love it and a new one, Viktor & Rolf, Flowerbomb which is gorgeous, and so incredibly sweet smelling which I love. If you can get somewhere to give them a sniff then you should!

Probable my favourite favourite, would be my new handbag. The Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Medium Harmony Shoulder Bag (What a mouthful!) and the Kate Spade Lacey Continental Leather Wallet. They are just absolutely amazing, and beautiful and I feel like such a lucky girl to have received them! There is a 'What's in my bag' coming in the next few days so I won't ramble on about this now ...

I love the idea of buying people experiences for Birthdays and Christmases Experiences, giving them s memory instead of a physics item. Send And this year I received two, the gift package, chose your own for me and my other half from my Dad, and also for my sister so can do that together, and my little sister bought me indoor skydiving! Which I am super excited, and also super scared about.

And lastly, a couple of misc items from my Mum. She gave me a keyboard for my iPad, It is one of the most amazing presents ever, and has completely revolutionised how I use my iPad. Writing complete blogposts comfortably from my iPad, and the sofa! I would highly recommend one to you! And another really thoughful gift, which I think could be bought for anyone. And lastly, she bought us a set of martini glasses, a cocktail making book and a selection of spirits, such a lovely and thoughtful gift too and I cannot wait to tuck into those!

What are your favourites this month?

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