Monday Motivation // Screw Perfection

October 03, 2016

I couldn't say it better myself! Scream it from the rooftops: SCREW PERFECTION! I am, a self confessed perfectionist. I don't tell people this because I am in fact no where near perfect, but I am an aspiring perfectionist! And it is tiring! Getting up early to sort my mop of hair and put make up on, spending every moment when I get home tidying, cleaning and rearranging our flat, and worrying about what my cupboards look like incase friends look in them! And you know what ... Screw It!! Who cares if I don't have any make up on, or my bedlinen isn't folded nicely and I admit it ... I have a full on Monica cupboard!! (Hands up all you Friends fans!)

Screw Perfection Mini Print from Society6

Such a stereotypical female example but ... I recently went on holiday with my other half, and for 80% of the time didn't wear make up ... It's such a small but also liberating feeling. He liked that I didn't have any on, for one I didn't moan at him for nearly smudging my eyebrow off, and men do in fact like women without make up! So here's to screwing perfection and just straight up enjoying life *raises glass*

Who's with me?!

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