Monday Motivation // Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

April 04, 2016

'Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone'

Your softest jogging bottoms, your favourite herbal tea and your favourite books, are the right kind of comfort. The comfort that I am talking about is when you are too nervous to ask for a pay rise, not starting that business you've always dreamed of for fear of failure or even being being scared of moving out.

This is the comfort zone that is hindering, not helping you. I am that exact person that likes my little comfort zone, doing the same thing every day makes me smile inside, but that is not helping me! *shakes finger at self*. Everything outside your comfort zone is scary, unpredictable and unknown, but that is where life begins. So today I challenge you to do one thing out of your comfort zone, talk to a stranger on the bus, buy the domain name for your first web store or set up a meeting with a mortgage advisor! 

What would you like to do out of your comfort zone?

Above is a free printable from detail-verliebte

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